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Being injured on the job is no joke; it is a serious occurrence that requires prompt legal assistance and coordination with Worker’s compensation to remedy short-term and long-term loss of earnings and medical costs. Our Jackson Worker’s Compensation attorneys are here to ensure that every dime you are entitled to, will be recovered. Worker’s Compensation laws apply to every individual who is employed in the state with a few exceptions. Employers with five or more employees are mandated to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage. This requirement by law ensures every injured worker will have the opportunity to be financially protected after a workplace injury. It is important to review your employer’s insurance policy, as employers with fewer than five employees are not required by law for worker’s compensation insurance, but the choice is optional. There is also a multitude of benefits that cover workplace injuries including disability, vocational rehabilitation, medical benefits, and even death benefits. To add, Worker’s Compensation does not factor in your workplace setting to be entitled to benefits. Regardless if you were injured in an office building or an assembly factory, you are more than likely entitled to on-the-job injury benefits.

Our Attorneys at Davis & Williams have handled Worker’s Compensation cases for over 27 years. Our expertise in this area has resulted in lump sum settlements for our clients who have been injured on the job in Mississippi and has helped restore their confidence and career track. Even if your claim is denied, our State provides an appeal process to the Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Commission where our legal team will continue to fight on your behalf. It is vital to save any evidence of your injury and the resulting effect it has had on your ability to continue working as these documents will help us fight your case. Our Jackson worker’s compensation attorneys will guide you through all steps and ultimately give you the power to decide how your case is resolved.

Follow These Important Steps

  • Immediately report your workplace injury to the employer. Follow all company procedures and review your employee agreement on Worker’s Compensation
  • Contact our Office and retain counsel.
  • Understand your rights. Every injured worker has a right to choose his or her own physician. You are not required to accept doctors appointed by your employer.
  • Under most circumstances, the physician that your physician refers you to is in the chain of referral and must be paid by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier.
  • If the injured worker is off work under doctor’s care for five or more days, indemnity (money) benefits should be paid to the injured worker as long as he or she is off work or under the doctor’s care
  • If an injured worker has permanent and/or permanent restrictions, according to his or her physician, the injured worker may be entitled to lump-sum settlement or award.

How Long Should I Wait Until I Contact an Attorney?

It is important to keep in mind that all worker’s compensation claims must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations. Individuals injured on the job have two years from the date of the accident to file a worker’s compensation claim. Our workers’ compensation attorneys serving Jackson and the State of Mississippi will file a Petition to Controvert that will begin the legal process and halt any statute of limitation issues if filed within the two-year window. It is strongly encouraged to contact our office immediately following any on-the-job injuries. The quicker you notify your employer and retain counsel, the better. There will be ample opportunity to gather evidence, and any additional information after you have consulted with your attorney in a timely manner.

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